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Six Steps to Planning a Successful Team Building Event

By 22nd June 2017 No Comments

If you’re planning a team-building event, here are six important steps to make sure your event is as effective and successful as possible :

1.  Choose an Offsite Location

While it might seem easier and more cost effective to just have your event at your workspace, ideally, you should have your team-building event at a different location. Being away from your place of work has a really positive effect on the attitude and mental state of the participants. And, it makes sure that your team members approach the event differently, rather than just another day at work.

2.  Select the Right Activity for Your Company

Your first though should be ‘what’s the purpose of the event?’. Is it for just fun, or do you need an element of learning and development as well. Once you’ve decided this (we can help), there are lots of fun options for team building events. But, make sure you choose the ones that will be effective and accessible for your entire team. Before you choose a physical activity, make sure you aren’t excluding anyone in your company with a disability or health condition. Think back on your goals in choosing the right event – if improving communication is a priority, for example, then don’t go with an activity that involves next to none.

3.  Promote the Event with a Great Theme

If you have a great theme in the subject line of your emails about your event, you’ll probably get a much better – and more enthusiastic – turnout than you would with a mundane title.

4.  Timing Is Everything

If you schedule your event during work hours, you’ll have a much happier and more engaged group of participants than you would if you hosted the event on a weekend or after hours – plus, you run less of a risk of people being on holiday and missing the event. The event may be mandatory, but if it cuts into employees’ time off, chances are they won’t be very happy about it.

5.  Ask for Feedback

After the event, make sure you ask participants for their thoughts, comments, or suggestions. Not only will this help you plan your next event, but, it’ll keep the team-building activities in everyone’s minds longer.

6.  Work with Professionals

Whether it’s planning the event, finding a venue, or coordinating different activities, reaching out to professional consultants or managers is the best way to ensure your event is effective and runs smoothly. At Tangram Events, we offer UK-wide service in event management, team building, and leadership training to make your events a success.