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Top Five Things Nobody Told You About Team Building

By 11th September 2017 No Comments

Team building activities seem to be a rising trend at the moment, and as with any trend, it’s okay to be sceptical about whether or not team building exercises are worth the investment. This trend, however, is about more than just a popularity craze. There are clear facts and statistics that support why team building is a good investment for your company.

team buildingHere are the top five things people aren’t telling you when they market team building as a trend instead of an investment strategy.

1)  You are investing in the efficiency of your company:

The economy has been a little tricky to navigate lately, but what is the number one thing business owners recommend you do when business is down? You allocate your extra resources to innovation and diversification. It’s the best way to expand your company to make it more versatile and thus more resilient in even the toughest of economies. Team building is a good way to hone in on the employees who show strong leadership skills, strong innovation and creativity skills, and strong problem-solving skills, and that can help you to better place and utilise those employees to boost their productivity within the company. That’s going to give you a better bottom line at the end of the day.

2)  Team building can be used as a development strategy:

Team building doesn’t have to keep to its traditional forms. You can invest in team building activities that have direct correlations to the projects you are working on with your team right now. By the end of the activity, your team will have learned skills that can be directly applied to the problems they are facing with that specific project, and that may help them turn around a better project.

3)  Don’t underestimate the importance of office relationships:

You may want the workplace to keep to a professional level, but there are clear benefits to encouraging your employees to form bonds with one another. Team building can help your employees develop rapport with one another, leading to better communication, better teamwork, and higher rates of efficiency overall. It’s an important contributor to a successful business, especially considering the fact that 85 percent of all workplace failures come down to ineffective communication or collaboration.

4)  Statistics have shown the importance of employee engagement at work:

Your employees need to be engaged in the work they are doing. Currently, close to 70% of all workers are disengaged from their everyday work, and it has been proven that engaged employees earn up to 2.5 times more income than those who are disengaged or have low engagement levels. They are also 87% less likely to leave a company they are engaged with. Team building can boost engagement, helping companies achieve higher employee efficiency and loyalty—and both of those factors are essential to the longevity of a company.

5)  It’s the best way to invest in the success of your business:

It is often the overlooked component, but employees really are the backbone of any company. They are the ones that keep things operating, so investing in your employees means investing in the success of your company.

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