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The Importance of Team Building in a Corporate Environment

By 12th September 2017 No Comments

Teamwork has many, many benefits in the modern age. Beyond helping people come together, having the right team environment can be the key to your company’s success. Here are a few reasons why team building can help benefit your business, now and in the future:

1. Companies with Good Teams Keep Good People

Building a solid team of talented people is just one aspect of team building. Forging meaningful connections between those team members is possibly the most important step. As our world heads towards temporary placements, contract work, and remote work, it is getting harder and harder to keep a good team together; but team building and creating a positive work environment can help you retain your best talent and get the best work out of them.

Part of developing a good team culture involves encouraging people to focus on the positive—not just in their own work, but in the work of their peers and co-workers, too. When you foster an environment that encourages team members to appreciate each other rather than try and make themselves look good, it actually creates a more cohesive unit—and one that is likely to stay together for longer. And since it can be incredibly difficult to find the right people, using positivity to make them want to stay is just one more way you can use team building to “keep the band together” for much, much longer.

2. Companies that Promote Respect have More Effective Teams

According to one study on the workforce, scoring higher on what they called “The Respect Scale” led to happier employees, higher retention rates, and higher levels of productivity. And while recognising the positive aspects of teams is a key part of The Respect Scale, there is a lot more to it. As you may have guessed, aspects like benefits and compensation are a major part of how employees feel towards their employers and work environments, but so was “organisational support.” When employees feel supported and have access to the skills and materials they need, they work better. In other words, it is important to look beyond the usual team building, which may only focus on specific teams, and look at the broader ways in which your teams have access to the support they need. The result will be happier, more productive teams that work together more effectively.

3. Team Building Helps You Recognise Potential

Finally, even a simple round of the right team building exercises can help you spot people who have the potential to be leaders and innovators in your organisation, and you can start helping them realize their full potential so they can be all they can be for your business—and for themselves as well.

If you are looking for team building, be sure to contact Tangram Events. We can help create custom team building exercises that will help you foster the best environment possible for your business’ future success.