For conferences we can provide fun activities to break up the speaker sessions and re-energise attendees. Feel free to scroll through the ideas below or give us a ring and let us help you decide on the best solutions for your event. We are really good at matching our events to the themes and outcomes of your conference to ensure continuity of message.



We all remember Air-fix kits when we were growing up. This is our answer to that. Teams are provided with their kit which they need to plan and build. Competing teams can be encouraged to decorate their airline with company logos before the inaugural flight. Whose will fly and whose will crash and burn?
Airline Airline Airline


Art challenge

This is a popular activity for larger groups. Groups log to be creative so we provide everything they will need to complete a stunning picture. Groups can be tasked to increase collaboration and communication by pairing individual pictures that must join together to form one overall image. These should be taken away and hung somewhere prominent back at the office or workplace. Groups always surprise us with how good their paintings turn out.
Art challenge Art challenge Art challenge


Bridges of Babylon

Paper Bridge sounds simple but, like the majority of our tasks, it requires good teamwork, plenty of thinking and creativity. We provide a brief sheet and a box of materials with which to construct a paper bridge. It sounds easy but there are fees for using too much – being frugal with time and materials will help the winning team.
Bridges of babylon Bridges of babylon Bridges of babylon


Chocolate challenge

This is a very popular activity Рespecially among the ladies. Teams compete as they pitch their new chocolate products to our judges! With handmade chocolate, packaging, marketing ideas and a TV advert there’s plenty for everyone to get involved. The chocolate is delicious and contains absolutely no calories (if only!!!).
Chocolate challenge Chocolate challenge Chocolate challenge


Film challenge

Teams are given a brief and strict time limits to create their very own short film. They must come up with a theme – best linked to your conference or meeting requirements – and script. We provide all the props and technical bits to allow them to let their creative juices flow. They have to decide who will direct, act, edit and get in the way. Much fun is had by all. Considerations.
Film challenge Film challenge Film challenge



Flat Pack is one of the most competitive and challenging activities we run. At first it appears quite simple to complete the construction of the pieces – but they only go together one way. Eventually, the teams get into the rhythm of building the pack but then realise they are competing against other teams.
Flatpack Flatpack Flatpack