Flatpack  Cemex Team day 18th March 2013 - 209

Flatpack – Indoor Team Building Event

This is a challenging and thoughtprovoking activity. Will your teams be able to develop the process to complete this task?

• Creative thinking required
• Teamwork
• Leadership
• Competition
• Goal-setting
• Fun!!

Download the activity pdf here Flat Pack – indoor

Flat Pack is one of the most competitive and challenging activities we run. At first it appears quite simple to complete the construction of the pieces – but they only go together one way. Eventually, the teams get into the rhythm of building the pack but then realise they are competing against other teams.

Flat Pack can be used as an isolated activity to get your team thinking or working together. Or, we can use it as part of a more competitive environment pitching teams against each other. It takes careful planning and practice to build and perfect the process of Flat Pack.

• Indoor
• 90 minutes for round 1 and 20-30 minutes for round 2
• Medium to challenging
• 12+ people
• All equipment, instruction and insurance included.


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