Teams get to exercise their creativity by writing, designing and timing their own mini-movie. They can just be one team or compete against each other for the ‘Oscar’ prizes !

• Combine with other activities to make a half or full day of it
• Teamwork
• Competition
• Creativity
• Fun!!!

Teams are given a brief and strict time limits to create their very own short film. They must come up with a theme – best linked to your conference or meeting requirements – and script. We provide all the props and technical bits to allow them to let their creative juices flow. They have to decide who will direct, act, edit and get in the way. Much fun is had by all. Considerations

The best sessions are those that have been linked with a key message or outcome. We can help you embed that message through the activity and have loads of fun along the way. Screenings can be a simple affair after the editing (all done on local laptops) or made more formal during your evening conference event.

• Indoor and outdoor
• From one to four hours
• Easy
• 8 – 80 people
• All equipment, instruction and insurance included.


Film Challenge