Airline  Indoor testing and teamwork

Airline – Outdoor Team Building Event

We provide teams with a giant ‘Air-fix’ type kit of a plane. They have to construct it, tweak its design and then let it fly to see whose will take to the skies for the longest!

• Combine with other activities to make a half or full day of it • Teamwork • Competition • Creativity • Fun!!!

We all remember Air-fix kits when we were growing up. This is our answer to that. Teams are provided with their kit which they need to plan and build. Competing teams can be encouraged to decorate their airline with company logos before the inaugural flight. Whose will fly and whose will crash and burn?

This task needs to be completed both indoors for the initial construction and then the flight is taken outside. A friendly hotel with a decent grassed area is required – which we will source. The activity can be fairly straightforward or can be combined with a points system for build quality, design, paintwork and of course the distance and nature of the flight taken.

• Outdoor • From one to two hours • Easy • 8 – 80 people • All equipment, instruction and insurance included.

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