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There is a ‘bomb’ to find and diffuse. This is a fast-paced activity session which has teams competing to find clues and solve set puzzles. Will they rise to the challenge and make it in time and save the day?!

• Teamwork and collaboration
• Communication
• Leadership
• Decision making
• Time and resource management
• Fun!!!

Download Activity PDF Here – Bomb Disposal

This is a challenging and entertaining activity to really get your team going. It provides a multitude of variations as we set the teams against each other to complete tasks – and always under pressure. Will they find the elements to enable them to diffuse the bomb? We spread the clues over the venue grounds and make it as challenging as you think the teams can handle.

This activity is about problem solving using the skills and knowledge of team members. Where possible, we will work with you to ensure their skill sets are included. It’s also about matching people to tasks and understanding and embracing pressure – all with a dramatic finale. Go for it!!!

• Outdoor
• 2 hours to a full day
• Medium to challenging
• 24 – 120 people

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