Bespoke Events

If you’ve tried lots of other activities and want something different then we can help. Over the years we’ve come up with some truly remarkable bespoke events that will challenge and inspire your teams. We can also take one of our existing activities and cleverly integrate it with your specific needs. As an example, our Chain Reaction event can be extended to a full day by including finance and planning aspects as well as materials from your own work space.


Team zone challenge

We’ll help your team get to grips with a series of tasks and activities that will stretch the mind and body. We start easy but as the confidence of the team builds we introduce more and more difficult tasks. Will your attendees rise to the challenge and get through to the end of the session?
Team zone challenge Team zone challenge Team zone challenge


Chain reaction

Each team is given a zone to work in and a whole heap of materials to create a chain reaction across their area – linking their contraption to the team before and after theirs. Frantic design, construction and testing leads to the final run. Will it all work and deliver the final crescendo? Only time will tell.
Chain reaction Chain reaction Chain reaction


Cryptic challenge

This is a popular activity for larger groups. Groups log to be creative so we provide everything they will need to complete a stunning picture. Groups can be tasked to increase collaboration and communication by pairing individual pictures that must join together to form one overall image. These should be taken away and hung somewhere prominent back at the office or workplace. Groups always surprise us with how good their paintings turn out.
Cryptic challenge Cryptic challenge Cryptic challenge


Bomb Disposal

This is a challenging and entertaining activity to really get your team going. It provides a multitude of variations as we set the teams against each other to complete tasks – and always under pressure. Will they find the elements to enable them to diffuse the bomb? We spread the clues over the venue grounds and make it as challenging as you think the teams can handle.
Bomb Disposal Bomb Disposal Bomb Disposal


Survial Skills

Our survival skills course is a real back-to-basics adventure. We disappear off into the woods and let teams loose fending for themselves. We help them build shelters, light fires and cook their lunch too. This is a really popular activity once the day has begun – especially after a hearty home-cooked lunch. For brave teams we can camp out overnight to test their shelters.
Survial Skills Survial Skills Survial Skills


Decision wheel

This is ideally suited to smaller teams with specific aims. The programme is very flexible and is designed around your exact requirements and outcomes. We can use any location – although remote areas are best. We ensure adversity is tempered with success to ensure teams leave motivated and with a deeper understanding of their issues and challenges.
Decision wheel Decision wheel Decision wheel


Make a million

Make a Million is a flexible team activity that sees attendees competing against each other. From the off, they are presented with a series of tasks that range from easy through to hard (some close, some far away) all with differing reward points. With careful planning they work out the best way to achieve their goal of making a million before the other teams.
Make a million Make a million Make a million


Treasure hunt

Come along to your chosen destination and enjoy a fantastic treasure hunt for you based around the themes and objectives of your day. You can take one of our off-the-shelf solutions or we can build something unique to your company. It can be based around cities or rural areas and be as challenging or as relaxed as required.
Treasure hunt Treasure hunt Treasure hunt