Teamzone challenge

Team Zone Challenge – Indoor

 Team Challenge Event

A great selection of tasks which start small and grow to ever-more challenging activities. These motivate and stimulate attendees who will be surprised at how much they can achieve.

• Something in it for everyone
• Teamwork
• Competition
• Fun!!!

Download Activity pdf here Team Zone Challenges

Team Zone Challenge is an amalgamation of 10 – 15 minute team challenges and problem solving tasks. As one of our top five team sessions its essence is to get your teams thinking, communicating, working together and/or competing against the clock and each other. With an infinite selection of tasks to choose from the popular ones are: Spiders Web, Stepping Stones, Quick Draw, Helium Stick, Number Crunch, Count the Fs and Focus Ring. The session is modular in nature which can generally be delivered into any time slot and with any number of delegates. Considerations The great news about Team Zone Challenge is that there is something for everyone. The attendees will quickly learn that strength is not enough. Solving clues and puzzles against the clock (and each other) builds the tension and contributes to an exciting event. We usually base this around a good hotel so lunch and refreshments are onhand for the attendees.

• Indoor
• 4 to 8 x 30 minute tasks
• Easy
• 24+ people
• All equipment, instruction and insurance included.