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Team Building in Northampton

Northampton is centrally located in the centre of England in the East Midlands and is known as the county of Spires and Squires, having many beautiful and well-preserved churches and country mansions. It is located close to cities like Coventry and Leicester as well as Birmingham and Nottingham. There are various venues like Westone Manor Hotel and the Northampton Marriott Hotel, the Moat House and several others where you can hold your team building events.You can also host outdoor events against the beautiful countryside. For instance, there are several natural reserves, and countryside attractions at Stanwick Lakes, with its 75- acres of abundant wildlife species and great wildflower meadow, amidst the River Nene that crosses through the site. The Holdenby House also has 20 acres of beautiful gardens surrounded by large estates, providing the perfect setting with a beautiful backdrop where you can view magnificent birds soaring. Highgate House also has a range of wide spaces that are ideal, providing a lavish setting for outdoor team activities with 26 acres of grounds and gardens.countryside.
Corporate Tangram Events in Northampton
Some of our popular indoor team building events are the Team Zone Challenge and totally unique activities, such as Flatpack and Ice Cream Challenge. These are both fun and have been designed to combine adventure and fun with strategic team goals. There are also many outdoor activities, which can be suitable for various fitness levels, such as the Bridges of Babylon, the Chain Reaction and the Lego Land, which can also be adapted to meet the clients’ specific needs. These games range from mental games and strategy to those involving physical activities and we are proud to witness their success with many of our clients like Pepsi, Waitrose and Lloyds Bank to name a few.Some of the famed companies we have been working with to their utmost satisfaction are Pepsi, Radisson, KBR, HBOSplc, Bradford & Bingley and several others.For more ideas give our sales team a call on 0845 680 6109 and discuss your requirements, fill out a quick enquiry or take a look at some of the other great events we run in Northampton!
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Our indoor activities are flexible and can be as short or long as you want them to be. Some of our popular and fun events are Chain Reaction, Cryptic Challenge and Chocolate Challenge providing indoor fun and supporting initiative, creativity and better collaboration. The venues in Northampton also provide the perfect backdrop for some of our top selling outdoor activities like Decision Wheel and Flatpack, which are both challenging and entertaining and various other games where tasks have to be completed under pressure.

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History of Northampton

The city dates back to the Iron Age, with many ancient settlements and sites with Roman roads all over the town. It first began as a Saxon village named Hamm Tun, meaning a meadow with good waters. There are many old castles along with the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Delapre Abbey. The town was the centre of many sieges. It was also well known as the most educated town of Europe, with the most literate people in the monasteries and the Nunnerys. It even had its own mint in the 10th century during the reign of Henry III and was the richest and most important town in the country during the 12th century, but by the 14th century, many parts were in ruins.

The staple industry of the town was shoe manufacturing, prior to which it was wool. There is a large Market Square with a superb Victorian fountain at the centre, surrounded by historic buildings that still retain the old world charm, though many of them have been converted into modern shops. It is well known for the Althorp House, home of Princess Diana’s brother, the Earl of Spencer.

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