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Team Building in Maidenhead

Maidenhead is an affluent area in the UK, near the River Thames countryside and offering close proximity to London. It is located in the Berkshire County, about 25 miles to the west of London. It is well known for its great travel links, lying on the famed Great Western Railway and has good bus links from the Frascati Way at the town centre or from Boots located in the high street. It offers a beautiful one-day trip from London, with wealthy boathouses, hotels and clubs on the riverfront. Maidenhead as well as the Royal borough at Windsor offers a great backdrop for corporate events, with idyllic green surroundings near the River Thames.The Tenpin Bowling offers excellent bowling team activities. The Boulter Island nearby is a great favorite with beautiful gardens and a fantastic view of the weir. The Riverside gardens are also popular having extensive lawns ideal for team building activities. The Berkhamsted Castle is just about 18 miles away, being a great spot for team building activities.
Corporate Tangram Events in Maidenhead
We can offer you various indoor and outdoor team building activities and options, with our popular indoor events like Ice Cream Challenge, Rollerball, Chain Reaction, Chocolate Challenge and others ranging from short 15 minute events to full day ones, which will keep your team engaged as well as motivated. We have also organized many outdoor events like Team Zone Challenge, Lego Land, Rafting, Rollerball and many others for our esteemed clients like Pepsi, Radisson, HBOS, Brasher and KBR among others. Our strong team events can be made relevant to your company or business message offering a memorable, motivating and fun experience for your team at Maidenhead.For more ideas give our sales team a call on 0845 680 6109 and discuss your requirements, fill out a quick enquiry or take a look at some of the other great events we run in Maidenhead!
Client Case Study
Our indoor activities are flexible and can be as short or long as you want them to be. Some of our popular and fun events are Chain Reaction, Cryptic Challenge and Chocolate Challenge providing indoor fun and supporting initiative, creativity and better collaboration. The venues in Maidenhead also provide the perfect backdrop for some of our top selling outdoor activities like Decision Wheel and Flatpack, which are both challenging and entertaining and various other games where tasks have to be completed under pressure.

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History of Maidenhead
Maidenhead is quite a new town, going by English village standards, with the famed Windsor Castle nearby built in 1070. The village used to have blacksmiths and coaching inns, as it was just a one-day journey by coach from London, so it also had many breweries to serve travellers.

Previously, the coaching and the barge trades were the major source of income for this town, but with the establishment of the Railway during the middle 1800s, there was a lot of development along the river and it became a beautiful destination for one day trips made from London. There were many new shops as well as businesses. Gradually, the town started being linked to scandals with playboy visitors coming to the country for a break and it came to be known as the Mayfair on Thames, as it was the playground for the famous, rich people, with a boom in house constructions and ornate villas. The screen siren, Diana Dors used to live here and the Spice Girls also used to live here prior to becoming famous.

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