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Team Building Events and Activities in Farnham

Farnham is a town located in Surrey in England in the Waverley borough, about 34 miles from London, with Guildford just 11 miles away. It is well linked by rail and roads to London as well as Winchester, Guildford and to Alton.The city offers plenty of attractive locations for team building activities, with a combination of historic character and modern facilities. There is a wealth of countryside to be explored, beautiful gardens and flower filled atmosphere. The Mercure Farnham Bush Hotel is a 17th century inn set amidst beautifully landscaped surroundings and offers a perfect venue for team building activities, with facilities of beautiful grounds for outdoor activities. Other fantastic venues in the town include the Oak Park Golf club around the picturesque Crondall village, Alice Holt Forest with its cool adventure grounds, the Farnborough Hotel and many others. The Farnham Castle is another historic location in this Georgian town and is a superb venue for corporate events.

Corporate Tangram Events in Farnham

If you are looking for inspiring and motivational team building events, we have a host of indoor and outdoor activities that have been a resounding success with many of our esteemed clients, such as Pepsi, Radisson, Brasher, KBR, HBOS and many others. Our wide range of indoor team activities, such as Rollerball, Airline, Art Challenge, Make a Million, among several other top sellers, offer the best means of bringing teams together and building a positive spirit. Our outdoor team building activities including Flatpack, Lego Land, Decision Wheel and Make a Million are all designed to be great fun with far reaching benefits for organisations.For more ideas give our sales team a call on 0845 680 6109 and discuss your requirements, fill out a quick enquiry or take a look at some of the other great events we run in Farnham!

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Our indoor activities are flexible and can be as short or long as you want them to be. Some of our popular and fun events are Chain Reaction, Cryptic Challenge and Chocolate Challenge providing indoor fun and supporting initiative, creativity and better collaboration. The venues in Farnham also provide the perfect backdrop for some of our top selling outdoor activities like Decision Wheel and Flatpack, which are both challenging and entertaining and various other games where tasks have to be completed under pressure.

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History of Farnham
Farnham is a very old market town in England, having narrow streets and boasting of some of the best Georgian architecture in the southern part of England, having a castle and a parish church that dates back to the 12th century. The town is of historic interest, with Farnham Castle overlooking the town.

The history dates back to thousands of years before into the Stone Age, with many prehistoric animal bones and tools being found here. Its earliest known settlement was during the Mesolithic period about 7000 years before. Occupation continued through the Bronze Age and there are many hill forts of the Iron Age found even today. It became a pottery centre due to the plentiful supply of gault clay and very good communications through the Harrow Way. A bathhouse dating to 720 AD is one of the Roman buildings found here. The Anglo Saxons later gave the town the present name and it got its charter in 1249 when it became a town.

It became a very successful corn market town during the 17th century with many other industries, such as green ware pottery, wool, cloth etc. When the Railways came to the town, the faster link with London made it into a commuter town as well.

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