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Team Building Activities in Bedford and Bedfordshire

Bedford is a small county town in England, and is flanked by Oxford and Cambridge, with Northampton in the northwest and Cambridge to its east, with Milton Keynes in the southwest and with Luton in the south, all of which are urban areas. In addition, it is easily accessible through a 30 minute train journey from Central London. The town is also easily accessible to the A6 road and has two railway stations along with a good network of bus services.It is renowned for its amazing riverside settings and the panoramic view that you can obtain of the River Great Ouse, viewed from the Castle Mound. There are many parks as well as green spaces, both urban and country patches in the riverside promenade that runs through the centre of the town, offering the perfect location for your corporate team events. Outdoor locations include the Embankment Gardens and the Mill Meadows as well as the Russel Park. The Bedford Park is a Victorian gem towards the north near De Parys Avenue.

Corporate Tangram Events in Bedford

Our team building activities comprise a blend of outdoor and indoor events, which are perfect for those spending their life behind a desk. We offer a variety of indoor pursuits, such as Cryptic Challenge, Chain Reaction and Bridges of Babylon, among others that can test different skills and will surely prove motivational and enjoyable for the participants. The location of our outdoor activities, such as Flatpack, Lego Land, Decision Wheel and Rafting, are all set in the beautiful countryside of Bedford, with many country sports included in it. Many of our esteemed clients like Pepsi, Bradford & Bingley, Lloyds Bank, KBR, Brasher, to name a few, have found our activities to be just the right mix of wholesome fun and challenge.For more ideas give our sales team a call on 0845 680 6109 and discuss your requirements, fill out a quick enquiry or take a look at some of the other great events we run in Portsmouth!

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Our indoor activities are flexible and can be as short or long as you want them to be. Some of our popular and fun events are Chain Reaction, Cryptic Challenge and Chocolate Challenge providing indoor fun and supporting initiative, creativity and better collaboration. The venues in Bedford also provide the perfect backdrop for some of our top selling outdoor activities like Decision Wheel and Flatpack, which are both challenging and entertaining and various other games where tasks have to be completed under pressure.

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History of Bedford

The name comes from a Saxon chief named Beda, having settlements near the River Great Ouse about 13 centuries ago. The street patterns of the old town show a remarkable regularity, showing that town planning was done a thousand years ago, with evidence of walls and fortification in the northern part of the river. The St Mary’s church and the St Peter’s church have towers dating to the Saxon period and it is here that the Bedford mint had been housed. Bedford Park is the biggest urban park and has a Victorian design with a cricket pavilion as well as a bandstand. The Bedford Castle Mount constitutes the remains of the medieval castle and it still has some of the original masonry, though now modernized. During 1888, the Mill Meadows were linked to the Embankment Gardens with the Suspension Bridge and the Bedford Park was also opened on the same day as the bridge, having cafes, lodges and a bandstand. The Bedford borough became a part of the North Bedfordshire District in 1974, offering it the borough status.

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