How much do I need to spend?

To answer this we need some basic information to help us cost out your requirements.
These elements are:
  • Number of people?
  • Location?
  • Duration?
  • The type activity you want to complete?
  • Do you have a venue or can we help source one for you?
We will work with you to deliver the needs of your session or day. We want to fully understand the objectives of the day so we can help recommend and shape the outcomes your require.

Price Range: Description
< £1000 Our rates start at around £1000, which will give you a selection of short activities to engage your team. For this kind of budget we can be on site for up to half a day with one facilitator and the kit required for 8-15 people.
£1.5 – £2.5k This budget will deliver you a half to full day on site with a selection of activities for around 12-25 people. It will include all equipment.
£2.5 – £4k This level of budget will be for a full day of activities for around 25-50 people. It will deliver a multiple-team day of interactive tasks of your choice.
£5k -£25k+ Larger events where team sizes increase further require additional planning and set-up. We aim to give you a single cost for the event to ensure there are no surprises when it comes to invoicing.
£25k+ We are fully prepared for high-budget events that take in multiple days, challenging environments, large numbers of attendees or events outside of the UK. If you want to do something different and have a sneaky idea of what that might be (or no idea at all) then give us a ring and we can explore lots of options.

What’s included:

  • All activities agreed in the brief
  • All associated equipment
  • Insurance

What’s not included?

  • Venue – although we can help source one for you
  • Food and refreshments – usually supplied by the hotel
  • Event write up – some clients need an activity report – £650 per day
  • Photographer – we have a great chap available at £650 per day. We’ll send you every photo he takes via dropbox folder
  • Pre-event meetings to plan with the client – 1/2 day rate at £325 + mileage
  • Mileage at £0.55p per mile for cars and £1.00 per mile for our vans
  • Accommodation – at cost

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