Lego Land  Thumb 1

Lego Land – Indoor Team Building Event

Delegates are presented with a set of lego from which they have to complete a variety of ‘builds’ to meet the needs of the day. The surprise is that it’s either normal sized Lego or extra large pieces – all adding to the fun.!

• Creativity and fun
• Planning and communication
• Teamwork and cooperation
• Leadership
• Time and resource management
• Related back to work concepts
• Fun!!

Download Activity pdf here Lego Land indoor

Lego Land is another popular activity – the blocks can be the usual size or giant versions from which to build bridges, archways or perhaps even your company logo. We also run a sneaky Chinese whisper version which is tough but gets teams competing against each other. Considerations Clients use this activity as part of a range of other tasks to fill a few hours or half a day. We can complicate things further by including budgeting and resource management to work on team strengths – this takes the activity to a half or full day programme and can link to the themes of your day.

• Indoor or outdoor
• Minimum 45-180 minutes
• Medium to challenging
• 8-120 people