What we mean about Leadership Development

Leadership Training

Many companies require just a fun day for the staff to get them working more cohesively. However, we are often asked to extend this to a more formal type of training where we help facilitate groups. To achieve this we work closely with our sister company Tangram Training.

Tangram Training works with international businesses to develop people, managers and teams. We achieve this through three key areas of development, which are:


We help organisations train, develop and retain world-class leaders and managers through innovative one-day workshops and ongoing programs that combine observation, training, mentoring and coaching.

High Performing Teams

We work with organisations to take them from Good to Great. First we learn through observation and then design, implement and manage workshops and programs to get the very best from your teams.
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Business Psychometrics

We use a variety of tools to help you understand and evaluate your people and teams. Our principal tool is Emotional ntelligence (EQ-i), which can be used to analyse both individuals and teams. We can also help you with the likes of Belbin and Myers Briggs.The diagram on the right gives a brief overview of the segments of EQ-i and how they can be helpful in measuring emotional intelligence. Please call us for more information.
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Resilience In Teams

It’s tough out there at the moment with individuals and teams under pressure to do more with less. Our resilience programme helps teams cope with stress by immersing them in to a series of discussions and scenarios to equip them with the skills and knowledge required to thrive when it gets tough.

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