We work across a wide selection of industries and groups. Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to have been recommended from one organisation to another within these vertical groups allowing us to migrate experience and skills. We are also able to exchange best-practice across sectors and allow one group to benefit from the challenges and experiences of others. This gets us out of bed in the morning as we know we are helping all the teams we work with to achieve more – and we can help your team too.

Housing Associations

We have worked with a number of great housing associations of the last few years and now have a good understanding of how they operate. In addition, given our work with some senior management teams we have knowledge of some of the commercial challenges you face going forward.
Housing Associations Housing Associations Housing Associations

Banking & Finance Sector

The banking sector has gone through many changes over the last ten years. We have worked with many organisations to help them improve performance within their sectors through better communication and understanding across their teams.
Banking & Finance Sector Banking & Finance Sector Banking & Finance Sector

NHS & Healthcare

Our work within the healthcare sector is varied and interesting. We tend to work with senior teams who face many challenges. Oftern these can be boiled down to improving communication – and spending quality time away from the workplace to understand each other.
NHS & Healthcare NHS & Healthcare NHS & Healthcare


We love working with engineering organisations as they often face the same sort of challenges. Many of our activities are designed to appeal to those with an engineering mindset. We can apply these tasks to ensure we get the desired outcomes for these session or day – no matter how frustrating them may find some of the activities.
Engineering Engineering Engineering

Oil, Gas & Green Sector

Our survival skills course is a real back-to-basics adventure. We disappear off into the woods and let teams loose fending for themselves. We help them build shelters, light fires and cook their lunch too. This is a really popular activity once the day has begun – especially after a hearty home-cooked lunch. For brave teams we can camp out overnight to test their shelters.
taqa Oil, Gas & Green Sector Oil, Gas & Green Sector Oil, Gas & Green Sector

Food & Drink

This activity was designed for a senior leadership team within Lloyds Bank. We designed a stretching two-day activity to test the team in a challenging and motivational environment. Things started off ok but then built into a really tough experience for the team. Each decision they made had implications for how they progressed over the two days.
unilever Food & Drink tesco-logo Food & Drink mcdonalds-logo Food & Drink


Make a Million is a flexible team activity that sees attendees competing against each other. From the off, they are presented with a series of tasks that range from easy through to hard (some close, some far away) all with differing reward points. With careful planning they work out the best way to achieve their goal of making a million before the other teams.
Manufacturing Manufacturing Manufacturing

Hotels & Pub Chains

Come along to your chosen destination and enjoy a fantastic treasure hunt for you based around the themes and objectives of your day. You can take one of our off-the-shelf solutions or we can build something unique to your company. It can be based around cities or rural areas and be as challenging or as relaxed as required.
Hotels & Pub Chains Hotels & Pub Chains Hotels & Pub Chains