Teams are pitched against each other to complete a series of indoor challenges and puzzles that get progressively harder. It can be set against the clock, each other (or both), to see who will win the day. !

•Combine with other activities to make a half or full day of it
• Teamwork
• Cooperation
• Problem solving
• Competition
• Fun!!!

Cryptic Challenge allows teams to complete a series of tasks that will stimulate, frustrate and motivate your attendees. As the session progresses we increase the difficulty and complexity of the challenges. Team members have to work together and utilise a range of strengths to win the day.

This activity is flexible in its duration and content. We will work with you to provide a cracking set of challenges to ensure your teams get the best from the session. We provide a good mix of activities to stimulate all those who take part and ensure all are included. If required, we will work with you to link the activity to the aims, objectives or themes of your wider conference or event.

• Outdoor
• From 1 – 6 hours
• Easy to challenging
• 8 – 80 people
• All equipment, instruction and insurance included.

Ice Cream Challenge