1. Where do you run events?
Tangram Events works right across the UK and overseas. We tend to focus around the Midlands and Southeast. We have a good selection of venues we work with on a regular basis that you can benefit from. If these don’t suit then we are happy to work with you to find the right venue to match your budget and event itinerary.

2. Does the cost of the event include the venue?
No, our charges cover only our programme. You will need to book and pay for the venue separately – although not all events require a venue.

3. Can you help source a venue?
Yes, we can make recommendations based on where we’ve worked before or help you find somewhere unique for your event.

4. Any hidden costs I need to know about?
No, we are upfront with you about prices from the beginning. We will discuss all your requirements, provide a written quotation and agree it with you. This will usually include the costs of running the activities, travel expenses and anything else you require us to source for the event. We are able to offer other connected services such as the supply of a professional photographer, for digital images or DVD production – just ask if you think you might need these.

5. Do we really need coffee breaks?
A strange question but the answer is yes. We find delegates need time to chat, ‘recover’ and share experiences throughout the day.

6. Should we bring cameras?
You can but there is a risk of them getting broken or lost. We usually take a few pictures on the day and will happily share them with you. Or, we can supply a professional photographer at extra cost.

7. Do you have safety certificates?
Tangram Events is proud of our safety record. Our staffs are suitably trained and assessed in the work and programmes they run. Rest assured, your safety and enjoyment are our primary concern. No event is ever risk free but we strive to keep everyone attending our events safe!

8. What insurance does Fire Events have?
Tangram Events is part of Planet Wise Group and as such, holds both public and employee liability insurance. Copies are available on request.

9. Are your events accessible to disabled participants?
Absolutely! We supply pre-event questionnaires and will discuss with you any challenges we need to consider for attendees. We have never had to restrict access to an event or activity because of a disability. We are happy to make adjustments on the day so that everyone attending, no matter what their ability, feels totally included. Just watch us adapt the 40 foot high ropes course to allow everyone to have a great time!

10. What happens post event?
We like to know how we’ve done and whether we can improve on things so we’ll send a brief questionnaire out to you and the attendees (if you agree) for feedback. We’ll also send you any photos via Dropbox and sign you up for our newsletter.

11. How should I pay for the event?
Preferably by BACS payment – it’s cheaper for everyone, quicker, more efficient and safer. If we need to quote a PO number we’ll sort this out with you before the event

12. What about your cancellation policy?
Occasionally we understand that client shave to cancel events. We obviously have costs that have to be covered. So, it’s quite simple if we can’t rebook the event with you:
Cancel > 3 months beforehand – Full refund
Cancel > 2-3 months beforehand we’ll refund 75%
Cancel > 1 month beforehand 50% refund
Cancel <1 month beforehand then no refund is due

13. What happens if it rains?
Rain is not a problem in our eyes and we try and promote such a positive attitude coupled with such fantastic events that who cares if it does rain! This combined with our endless supply of waterproof clothing means that you will have fun whatever the weather!

14. What happens if it rains?
Ha – we laugh in the face of rain. Someone once said that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. We’ll do our best to provide adequate cover and help promote a positive attitude through fantastic events that your delegates won’t worry about getting a bit wet.

15. What group sizes do you cater for?
We are able to run events for groups of any size although economies of scale do apply and sometimes it’s not cost effective to run an event for a very small group. Our typical events are for 20-30 delegates although we’ve done some great programmes for over 300. Just give us a call to discuss.

16. Are your events flexible?
Yes! The great thing about what we offer is that everything is flexible – the events as well as our staff. We can tailor what you need and mix-n-match to get the right event on the day. We can up the challenge rate or make it easier if you have a group that needs things taken down a peg or two. We’ll work with you to manage, budgets, number of delegates, timescales, comfort zones and skill levels.

17. Does the event cost include prizes for the winning team?
Yes. If you have chosen a competitive event then we will provide the winning team with a prize- normally a bottle of bubbly or a box of chocolates, however, we are happy to source alternative prizes or you may want to provide your own prizes.

18. It feels like we’ve done everything. Do you have anything new?
Absolutely! We are so creative when it comes to designing new events that we guarantee that you will not have seen some of our new events. We will also try to tailor everything around your company objectives as well.