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Domino – Indoor Team Building Event

A fantastic activity where teams are given a huge quantity of dominoes. They have to design, build and topple their creations within the constraints given. !

• Creativity
• Leadership & teamwork
• Planning & competition
• Resource management
• Teamwork
• A steady hand!!!
• Fun!!!

Download the activity pdf here Domino Domino

This requires creativity, planning, cooperation, teamwork and, most importantly, a steady hand across the team. Teams are either given a plan to follow or, better still, they design their own creation. We then provide a big box full of dominoes from which they have to build their design. With multiple teams they collaborate by each building their own section and then linking them together – or competing for the most innovative ‘tumble’.

This activity requires a large enough space to accommodate the number of attendees you have and a firm floor in which to construct the build. Carpets really don’t work. We can add to the complexity by using time pressure or making sure certain bits of your company products or materials are included.

• Indoor – requires a hard floor
• From 1- 4 hours
• Easy
• 8 – 80 people
• Everything is included.


main pic Domino