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Get your teams thinking with this creative task. It’s competitive and challenging to ensure your teams are stimulated. Whose bridge will collapse and whose will win?

• Combine with other activities to make a half or full day of it
• Teamwork
• Competition
• Creativity
• Resource management
• Fun!!

Download Activity pdf Bridges of babylon

Bridges of Babylon sounds simple but, like the majority of our tasks, it requires good teamwork, plenty of thinking and creativity. We provide a brief sheet and a box of materials with which to construct a paper bridge. It sounds easy but there are fees for using too much – being frugal with time and materials will help the winning team.

This activity requires collaboration. Many jump straight in and get building while wiser teams will test out their designs before construction takes place. Innovation and creativity means the whole team is included and necessary to get the job done – and speed and efficiency might just win the day.

• Indoor
• From 30 – 60 minutes
• Easy
• 8 – 80 people
• All equipment, instruction and insurance included.

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