If you are planning a corporate event or team building activity, then you have lots of decisions to make. We can help with many of these and help guide you over the basics of the day. You will almost certainly be holding your event in a hotel for conference centre which makes life easier. Whether you chose to base the team building activities inside the hotel, or using their grounds, is something to consider. Many of our activities can be run both indoors and outdoors – we simply alter our apporach and materials used. Often, by combining the two, groups can benefit from fresh air and the warmth of a room.

The following may help:

Your meeting room space will need to be vacated while we set up The space may not be big enough – we can help when you pick events and activities We can’t use anything wet or dirty in the hotel excluding some events – the hotels strangely get precious about carpets Your group will lack a bit of fresh air and getting out of a ‘stuffy’ meeting room You don’t have to worry about the weather

We can make the best of outdoor spaces at the venues we use Your group will have more space and greater freedom We can spread activities out more so moving between bases can be part of the day We can include many larger and more ambitious activities as part of your day The weather is rarely an issue – people like to make a fuss but generally we have very little issues about being outside